Adriano Trindade CD

Adriano Trindade e Los Quemados Number Four:

In 2015 Adriano recorded the DVD “Live in Prague” and the 4th cd of his career, both in Prague (Rep.Tcheca), with the support of the Los Quemados Jazz. In 2016 Trindade visited 28 countries in Europe, 130 concerts in 97 differents towns. Countries like Latvia, Lituania, Eston, Kosovo, Bosnia and Croacia was included North Sea Adriano Trindade and Los Quemados Nr4(Amsterdan), Ronnie Scott (London), Kongsberg Jazz Festival (Norway), Jazz Dock (Praga) Monument Jazz (Sarajevo), Mostar Jazz Festival (Mostar), Igor Butman Jazz (Moscow), Favela Chic (Paris), Glasgow Jazz Festival (Glasgow), Kotrynos (Vilnius), Alchemist Jazz (Kiev), Vladmirov Jazz (Minsk), Porec Jazz Festival (Croácia), Jazz Buffet (Sófia), plus interviews for France television, Macedonia television, Belorus television, Tchec television, and Sérvia Television for example.

The last CD from Adriano Trindade is played in all of Europe’s Jazz and Latin Jazz radio-stations.
The DVD released by the label Loop Records from Brazil .

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