Tour Europe 2017

After great succes for a few years, Adriano Trindade started another tour round Europe from beginning of april untill end of november. Visiting 25 countries around Europe and Russia. Places that he played before, and new locations. Check the agenda for all the concerts and cities Adriano is going to perform.

Dec 2017

Myster Y Bar (Besancon/France) – 15/12/2017 at Time - t.b.a
Black Pearl (Schaan/Liechstentein) – 17/12/2017 at Time - t.b.a
L'Alsacien Besançon (Besancom/France) – 21/12/2017 at Time - t.b.a
Bernardo (Paris/France) – 22/12/2017 at Time - t.b.a
Mineirinho Bar (Paris/France) – 29/12/2017 at Time - t.b.a
Le Petit Balcon (Paris/France) – 30/12/2017 at Time - t.b.a
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